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opencbm Users Guide

Michael Klein,, Spiro Trikaliotis,, Wolfgang Moser, Arnd Menge arnd(at)jonnz(dot)de,

This document describes the opencbm package, which can be used to control and use serial devices as userd by most Commodore (CBM) 8-bit machines. The latest version of the document can be found online at http://opencbm, OpenCBM consists of a kernel module ("driver") for Linux and Windows for cables connected via the parallel port, which is almost obsolete on modern PC hardware. Additionally, it has support software and tools to access these old parallel port based cables as well as more modern USB replacements. On top of that, a few user space support programs to control and use serial devices as used by most Commodore (CBM) 8-bit machines are included. The document also contains descriptions for the corresponding cables, namely, the XU1541 adapter, the XUM1541 adapter (a.k.a. "ZoomFloppy"), and the XA1541/XM1541 adapter.

1. Overview

2. News/Changelog

3. Installation

4. Checking if the installation is complete

5. Uninstall

6. Utilities

7. opencbm API

8. Known bugs and problems


10. Misc

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