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7.9 rpm1541

rpm1541 is a demo program. It finds out the rotation speed (in rounds per minute, rpm) of the drive motor. rpm1541 supports a 1541, 1570 or 1571 drive. A 1581 drive is not supported.

For Linux, rpm1541 is not installed automatically. You have to compile it yourself (found in demo/rpm1541/) if you want to use it. For Windows, it is part of the binary distribution.

This demo program does not allow you to specify a specific adapter/plugin. Instead, it always uses the default plugin.

rpm1541 usage

Synopsis: rpm1541 [device]

The optional parameter device is the device number of the drive which should be tested. If not specified, rpm1541 utilizes drive 8.

rpm1541 Example

Find out the rotation speed of drive 11:

cbmctrl lock
rpm1541 11
cbmctrl unlock

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