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6.1 Quick uninstallation walk-through

If you want to uninstall OpenCBM as fast as possible, but you are not interested in the details, just use the instructions from this section and ignore the rest of this chapter unless you encounter any problems.

If you are more interested in a clean uninstallation, skip this section and read the rest of this chapter.

Linux uninstallation with pre-built packages

If you installed OpenCBM with the pre-built packages (from openSUSE), then you just have to uninstall OpenCBM via the mechanism of your system (apt, aptitude, synaptics, YaST, ...)

Linux uninstallation walk-through

Perform the following steps to uninstall OpenCBM on your Linux machine:

Mac OS X uninstallation walk-through

Please check the instructions at available on the blog of Christian Vogelgsang, who actually ported OpenCBM to the Mac. His site should be your primary source for instructions.

Windows uninstallation walk-through

In order to uninstall OpenCBM, proceed as follows:

OpenCBM as installed program on Windows

Uninstall OpenCBM from Windows

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