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1.1 Introduction to OpenCBM

This is version of OpenCBM, a support package for retro devices that communicate with the serial CBM bus protocol, known from the C64, VIC-20, etc. Opencbm runs on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and Mac OS X. OpenCBM 0.4.0 was a re-join of the two projects cbm4linux (latest standalone version: 0.3.2) and cbm4win (latest standalone version: 0.1.0a). It should be noted that both projects were highly related from the beginning, as cbm4win 0.1.0 was based on cbm4linux 0.3.2.

Opencbm should work with any devices that understand the "normal" talk and listen commands of the CBM IEC bus. It has been tested with several 1541, 1541-II, 1570, 1571 and 1581 drives, and a MPS-1200 printer. 1541 clones like the Oceanic OC-118 have also been reported to work.

The following cable types are supported:

More information on the different cable types can be found in cable.

This package is provided `as is', no warranty of any kind will be taken for any damage or data loss caused by it or by any use of it.

*** WARNING *****************************************************

HOTPLUGGING can KILL your hardware.

Do not connect anything to the parallel port while the system or a drive is up.


Again, absolutely NO WARRANTY.


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