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5. Checking if the installation is complete

After you installed OpenCBM (cf. Installation, it is wise to check if the installation works as expected. For this, do the following:

If you have come so far, you are sure that you send commands to the floppy, and receive answers from it. This is very good so far. Furthermore, don't panic: you do not have to enter these commands over and over again, these are only tests to make sure that anything is correctly installed.

If you have a D64 file or a floppy disk ready, you can try transferring it over the cable. Do not use all of the following commands, but only the ones you want to perform.

You can have a look at the available cbmctrl commands by issuing cbmctrl on your command line, or look at cbmctrl. For the other programs, you get help by issuing the "--help" option, or look at the appropriate section in utilities.

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