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7.12 cbmlinetester

This tool can be used for debugging purposes. You can use it to test and check if the IEC lines react on actions of the PC.

cbmlinetester invocation

Synopsis: cbmlinetester [OPTION]

Set the IEC lines to specific values

Here's a complete list of known options:

-h, --help

display help and exit

-V, --version

display version information and exit

-@, --adapter=<plugin>[:<bus>]

Specify the plugin to use. If you have installed more than one plugin (XA1541, XU1541, XUM1541), you can specifiy which one to use for this command. This way, you can use all three variants at the same time.

This requires an argument of the form <plugin>[:<bus>], where <plugin> is the plugin's backend name (currently: xa1541, xu1541, xum1541), and <bus> is the bus identifier, if it is supported by the backend.

-i, --interactive

Use the tool interactively (only with ncurses)

-p, --poll

Poll the values of the lines

-r, --reset

set the RESET line (set to 0V)


release the RESET line (set to 5V)

-a, --atn

set the ATN line (set to 0V)

-A, --ATN

release the ATN line (set to 5V)

-c, --clock

set the CLOCK line (set to 0V)


release the CLOCK line (set to 5V)

-d, --data

set the DATA line (set to 0V)

-D, --DATA

release the DATA line (set to 5V)

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