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1 /*
2  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
3  * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
4  * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
5  * 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
6  *
7  * Copyright 2004 Spiro Trikaliotis
8 */
18 #ifndef VDD_H
19 #define VDD_H
21 #include <opencbm.h>
24 typedef
26 {
59 extern HANDLE vdd_handle;
61 extern BOOLEAN vdd_driver_open(VOID);
62 extern BOOLEAN vdd_driver_close(CBM_FILE);
63 extern BOOLEAN vdd_raw_write(CBM_FILE);
64 extern BOOLEAN vdd_raw_read(CBM_FILE);
65 extern BOOLEAN vdd_listen(CBM_FILE);
66 extern BOOLEAN vdd_talk(CBM_FILE);
67 extern BOOLEAN vdd_open(CBM_FILE);
68 extern BOOLEAN vdd_close(CBM_FILE);
69 extern BOOLEAN vdd_unlisten(CBM_FILE);
70 extern BOOLEAN vdd_untalk(CBM_FILE);
71 extern BOOLEAN vdd_get_eoi(CBM_FILE);
72 extern BOOLEAN vdd_clear_eoi(CBM_FILE);
73 extern BOOLEAN vdd_reset(CBM_FILE);
74 extern BOOLEAN vdd_pp_read(CBM_FILE);
75 extern BOOLEAN vdd_pp_write(CBM_FILE);
76 extern BOOLEAN vdd_iec_poll(CBM_FILE);
77 extern BOOLEAN vdd_iec_set(CBM_FILE);
78 extern BOOLEAN vdd_iec_release(CBM_FILE);
79 extern BOOLEAN vdd_iec_setrelease(CBM_FILE);
80 extern BOOLEAN vdd_iec_wait(CBM_FILE);
81 extern BOOLEAN vdd_iec_get(CBM_FILE);
82 extern BOOLEAN vdd_upload(CBM_FILE);
83 extern BOOLEAN vdd_device_status(CBM_FILE);
84 extern BOOLEAN vdd_exec_command(CBM_FILE);
85 extern BOOLEAN vdd_identify(CBM_FILE);
86 extern BOOLEAN vdd_identify_xp1541(CBM_FILE);
87 extern BOOLEAN vdd_get_driver_name(VOID);
89 extern BOOLEAN vdd_install_iohook(CBM_FILE);
90 extern BOOLEAN vdd_uninstall_iohook(CBM_FILE);
91 extern USHORT vdd_uninstall_iohook_internal(VOID);
93 extern BOOLEAN vdd_usleep(VOID);
95 extern CBM_FILE vdd_cbmfile_get(WORD);
96 extern WORD vdd_cbmfile_store(CBM_FILE);
97 extern CBM_FILE vdd_cbmfile_delete(WORD);
98 extern VOID vdd_cbmfile_closeall(VOID);
100 #endif /* #ifndef VDD_H */
BOOLEAN vdd_exec_command(CBM_FILE)
Executes a command in the floppy drive.
Definition: execute.c:957
Definition: vdd.h:47
Close a file on the IEC serial bus.
Definition: execute.c:429
Open a file on the IEC serial bus.
Definition: execute.c:400
HANDLE vdd_handle
Definition: vdd.c:54
BOOLEAN vdd_iec_set(CBM_FILE)
Activate a line on the IEC serial bus.
Definition: execute.c:703
BOOLEAN vdd_iec_setrelease(CBM_FILE)
Activate and deactive a line on the IEC serial bus.
Definition: execute.c:768
Definition: vdd.h:29
CBM_FILE vdd_cbmfile_delete(WORD)
Definition: cbmfile.c:119
BOOLEAN vdd_driver_open(VOID)
Opens the driver.
Definition: execute.c:141
BOOLEAN vdd_upload(CBM_FILE)
Upload a program into a floppy's drive memory.
Definition: execute.c:881
Definition: vdd.h:36
BOOLEAN vdd_iec_poll(CBM_FILE)
Read status of all bus lines.
Definition: execute.c:674
CBM_FILE vdd_cbmfile_get(WORD)
Definition: cbmfile.c:62
RESET all devices.
Definition: execute.c:576
BOOLEAN vdd_iec_wait(CBM_FILE)
Wait for a line to have a specific state.
Definition: execute.c:804
BOOLEAN vdd_identify(CBM_FILE)
Identify the connected floppy drive.
Definition: execute.c:995
BOOLEAN vdd_iec_release(CBM_FILE)
Deactivate a line on the IEC serial bus.
Definition: execute.c:731
Send a TALK on the IEC serial bus.
Definition: execute.c:362
BOOLEAN vdd_raw_write(CBM_FILE)
Write data to the IEC serial bus.
Definition: execute.c:266
BOOLEAN vdd_device_status(CBM_FILE)
Read the drive status from a floppy.
Definition: execute.c:924
Definition: vdd.h:39
BOOLEAN vdd_pp_write(CBM_FILE)
Write a byte to a XP1541/XP1571 cable.
Definition: execute.c:643
BOOLEAN vdd_pp_read(CBM_FILE)
Read a byte from a XP1541/XP1571 cable.
Definition: execute.c:612
Definition: vdd.h:43
BOOLEAN vdd_raw_read(CBM_FILE)
Read data from the IEC serial bus.
Definition: execute.c:298
#define CBM_FILE
Definition: opencbm.h:87
BOOLEAN vdd_untalk(CBM_FILE)
Send an UNTALK on the IEC serial bus.
Definition: execute.c:489
BOOLEAN vdd_get_driver_name(VOID)
Get the name of the driver for a specific parallel port.
Definition: execute.c:220
Definition: vdd.h:32
BOOLEAN vdd_usleep(VOID)
Sleep some microseconds.
Definition: execute.c:1447
Definition: vdd.h:30
Definition: vdd.h:37
BOOLEAN vdd_identify_xp1541(CBM_FILE)
Identify the cable connected to a specific floppy drive.
Definition: execute.c:1041
Definition: vdd.h:44
BOOLEAN vdd_iec_get(CBM_FILE)
Get the (logical) state of a line on the IEC serial bus.
Definition: execute.c:835
BOOLEAN vdd_install_iohook(CBM_FILE)
Install the I/O hook.
Definition: execute.c:1285
BOOLEAN vdd_listen(CBM_FILE)
Send a LISTEN on the IEC serial bus.
Definition: execute.c:329
BOOLEAN vdd_uninstall_iohook(CBM_FILE)
Uninstall the I/O hook.
Definition: execute.c:1422
BOOLEAN vdd_clear_eoi(CBM_FILE)
Reset the EOI flag.
Definition: execute.c:545
Definition: vdd.h:40
DLL interface for accessing the driver.
VOID vdd_cbmfile_closeall(VOID)
Definition: cbmfile.c:143
BOOLEAN vdd_driver_close(CBM_FILE)
Closes the driver.
Definition: execute.c:186
Definition: vdd.h:31
BOOLEAN vdd_get_eoi(CBM_FILE)
Get EOI flag after bus read.
Definition: execute.c:520
WORD vdd_cbmfile_store(CBM_FILE)
Definition: cbmfile.c:87
BOOLEAN vdd_unlisten(CBM_FILE)
Send an UNLISTEN on the IEC serial bus.
Definition: execute.c:459
USHORT vdd_uninstall_iohook_internal(VOID)
Uninstall the I/O hook.
Definition: execute.c:1383
Definition: vdd.h:24