Data Fields
opencbm_configuration_entry_s Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * Name
char * Value
char * Comment

Detailed Description

this struct holds an element in the configuration file. That is, it holds the equivalent of a line: NAME=VALUE # Comment

If Name == NULL, then this line is NOT of the form NAME=VALUE # Comment. Instead, no equal sign is present on that line at all.

Definition at line 51 of file configuration.c.

Field Documentation

char* opencbm_configuration_entry_s::Comment

an (optional) comment for this entry

Definition at line 55 of file configuration.c.

char* opencbm_configuration_entry_s::Name

the name of this entry. This can be NULL, cf. remarks

Definition at line 53 of file configuration.c.

Referenced by opencbm_configuration_enum_data().

opencbm_configuration_entry_t* opencbm_configuration_entry_s::Next

pointer to the next entry; NULL if this is the last one

Definition at line 52 of file configuration.c.

Referenced by opencbm_configuration_entry_remove(), and opencbm_configuration_enum_data().

char* opencbm_configuration_entry_s::Value

the value of this entry

Definition at line 54 of file configuration.c.

Referenced by opencbm_configuration_get_data(), and opencbm_configuration_set_data().

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