memtags.h File Reference

Define tags for ExAllocatePoolWithTag() More...

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#define MTAG_DEVNAME   'ndTS'
#define MTAG_SENUMERATE   'neTS'
#define MTAG_PPINFO   'ppTS'
#define MTAG_SERVKEY   'ksTS'
#define MTAG_PERFEVAL   'epTS'
#define MTAG_DBGBUFFER   'bdTS'

Detailed Description

Define tags for ExAllocatePoolWithTag()

Spiro Trikaliotis

Definition in file memtags.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define MTAG_DBGBUFFER   'bdTS'

memory tag for the debug buffer

Definition at line 41 of file memtags.h.

Referenced by DbgAllocateMemoryBuffer().

#define MTAG_DEVNAME   'ndTS'

Make sure we never use untagged memory allocation

memory tag for the device name

Definition at line 26 of file memtags.h.

Referenced by AddDevice().

#define MTAG_PERFEVAL   'epTS'

memory tag for the perfeval functions

Definition at line 38 of file memtags.h.

#define MTAG_PPINFO   'ppTS'

memory tag for the PARALLEL_PORT_INFO struct

Definition at line 32 of file memtags.h.

Referenced by ParPortInit().

#define MTAG_SENUMERATE   'neTS'

memory tag for the enumeration struct

Definition at line 29 of file memtags.h.

Referenced by ParPortEnumerateOpen().

#define MTAG_SERVKEY   'ksTS'

memory tag for the ServiceKeyRegistryPath UNICODE string

Definition at line 35 of file memtags.h.

Referenced by cbm_init_registry().