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1 /*
2  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
3  * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
4  * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
5  * 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
6  *
7  * Copyright 2004, 2008 Spiro Trikaliotis
8  *
9  */
19 #ifndef INSTCBM_H
20 #define INSTCBM_H
23 typedef struct cbm_install_parameter_s cbm_install_parameter_t;
25 typedef struct CbmPluginInstallProcessCommandlineData_s CbmPluginInstallProcessCommandlineData_t;
27 typedef struct cbm_install_parameter_plugin_s cbm_install_parameter_plugin_t;
29 extern BOOL get_all_plugins(cbm_install_parameter_t * InstallParameter);
30 extern BOOL get_all_installed_plugins(cbm_install_parameter_t * InstallParameter);
31 extern BOOL ProcessPluginCommandlineAndAddIt(cbm_install_parameter_t * Parameter, const char * const Plugin, int Argc, char * const Argv[]);
33 extern void PluginListFree(cbm_install_parameter_t * InstallParameter);
43 typedef BOOL PluginForAll_Callback_t(cbm_install_parameter_plugin_t * PluginInstallParameter, void * Context);
45 extern BOOL PluginForAll(cbm_install_parameter_t * InstallParameter, PluginForAll_Callback_t * Callback, void * Context);
47 extern HMODULE LoadLocalOpenCBMDll(void);
49 #endif // #ifndef INSTCBM_H
struct cbm_install_parameter_plugin_s cbm_install_parameter_plugin_t
Definition: instcbm.h:27
BOOL PluginForAll_Callback_t(cbm_install_parameter_plugin_t *PluginInstallParameter, void *Context)
Definition: instcbm.h:43
struct CbmPluginInstallProcessCommandlineData_s CbmPluginInstallProcessCommandlineData_t
Definition: instcbm.h:25
BOOL PluginForAll(cbm_install_parameter_t *InstallParameter, PluginForAll_Callback_t *Callback, void *Context)
Execute a callback function for all plugins in the plugin list.
Definition: plugin.c:663
HMODULE LoadLocalOpenCBMDll(void)
Definition: instcbm.c:1479
struct cbm_install_parameter_s cbm_install_parameter_t
Definition: instcbm.h:23
BOOL ProcessPluginCommandlineAndAddIt(cbm_install_parameter_t *Parameter, const char *const Plugin, int Argc, char *const Argv[])
Process the command-line parameters for a plugin and add that plugin to the plugin list...
Definition: plugin.c:447
BOOL get_all_installed_plugins(cbm_install_parameter_t *InstallParameter)
Get all the installed plugins.
Definition: plugin.c:596
BOOL get_all_plugins(cbm_install_parameter_t *InstallParameter)
Get all the plugins.
Definition: plugin.c:486
void PluginListFree(cbm_install_parameter_t *InstallParameter)
Free all the memory occupied by plugin management.
Definition: plugin.c:214