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arch/windows/debug.c File Reference

Debugging help functions and definitions. More...

#include "debug.h"
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdio.h>

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void DbgOutputIntoBuffer (unsigned long BufferNumber, const char *const Format,...)
 Append something to the DebugBuffer. More...


unsigned char DbgBuffer [DBG_MAX_BUFFER][DBG_MAX_BUFFERLEN]
int DbgBufferPos [DBG_MAX_BUFFER]
unsigned long DbgFlags

Detailed Description

Debugging help functions and definitions.

Spiro Trikaliotis

Definition in file arch/windows/debug.c.

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Mark: We are in user-space (for debug.h)

Definition at line 11 of file arch/windows/debug.c.

Function Documentation

void DbgOutputIntoBuffer ( unsigned long  BufferNumber,
const char *const  Format,

Append something to the DebugBuffer.

This function appends a string to the DebugBuffer. It can be used with a format-string like printf().

BufferNumberThe number of the DebugBuffer in which the content is to be written.
FormatA printf()-style format specifier
...The variables which are used as parameters for the printf() style format specifier.

Definition at line 91 of file arch/windows/debug.c.

References DBG_MAX_BUFFERLEN, DbgBuffer, and DbgBufferPos.

Variable Documentation

unsigned char DbgBuffer[DBG_MAX_BUFFER][DBG_MAX_BUFFERLEN]

Buffers where the debug string will be build up before it is send to the system (or into memory)

Definition at line 26 of file arch/windows/debug.c.

Referenced by DbgOutputIntoBuffer().

int DbgBufferPos[DBG_MAX_BUFFER]

Index into the DbgBuffer buffers, for each one one index

Definition at line 29 of file arch/windows/debug.c.

Referenced by DbgOutputIntoBuffer().

unsigned long DbgFlags
Initial value:
= 0
Definition: debug.h:191

initialize debugging flags

Definition at line 32 of file arch/windows/debug.c.

Referenced by cbm_get_debugging_flags(), cbm_init_registry(), cbm_isr(), and cbmiec_test_irq().