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usb_dll_s Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

usb_dev_handle *LIBUSB_APIDECL * open (struct usb_device *dev)
 int (LIBUSB_APIDECL *close)(usb_dev_handle *dev)
 int (LIBUSB_APIDECL *bulk_write)(usb_dev_handle *dev
 int (LIBUSB_APIDECL *bulk_read)(usb_dev_handle *dev
 int (LIBUSB_APIDECL *control_msg)(usb_dev_handle *dev
 int (LIBUSB_APIDECL *set_configuration)(usb_dev_handle *dev
 int (LIBUSB_APIDECL *claim_interface)(usb_dev_handle *dev
 int (LIBUSB_APIDECL *release_interface)(usb_dev_handle *dev
 int (LIBUSB_APIDECL *resetep)(usb_dev_handle *dev
 int (LIBUSB_APIDECL *clear_halt)(usb_dev_handle *dev
char *LIBUSB_APIDECL * strerror (void)
 void (LIBUSB_APIDECL *init)(void)
 int (LIBUSB_APIDECL *find_busses)(void)
 int (LIBUSB_APIDECL *find_devices)(void)
struct usb_device *LIBUSB_APIDECL * device (usb_dev_handle *dev)
struct usb_bus *LIBUSB_APIDECL * get_busses (void)

Data Fields

SHARED_OBJECT_HANDLE shared_object_handle
int ep
int const char * bytes
int const char int size
int const char int int timeout
int char * bytes
int char int size
int char int int timeout
int requesttype
int int request
int int int value
int int int int index
int int int int char * bytes
int int int int char int size
int int int int char int int timeout
int configuration
int interface
unsigned int ep

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file dynlibusb.h.

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