Data Fields
transfer_funcs Struct Reference

Data Fields

int(* write_blk )(CBM_FILE, const void *, unsigned char, cbmcopy_message_cb)
int(* read_blk )(CBM_FILE, void *, size_t, cbmcopy_message_cb)
int(* check_error )(CBM_FILE, int)
int(* upload_turbo )(CBM_FILE, unsigned char, enum cbm_device_type_e, int)
int(* start_turbo )(CBM_FILE, int)
void(* exit_turbo )(CBM_FILE, int)
int(* open_disk )(CBM_FILE, d64copy_settings *, const void *, int, turbo_start, d64copy_message_cb)
int(* read_block )(unsigned char, unsigned char, unsigned char *)
int(* write_block )(unsigned char, unsigned char, const unsigned char *, int, int)
void(* close_disk )(void)
int is_cbm_drive
int needs_turbo
int(* send_track_map )(unsigned char, const char *, unsigned char)
int(* read_gcr_block )(unsigned char *, unsigned char *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file cbmcopy_int.h.

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